Natus Vincere too strong for disappointing Renegades.

Renegades were eliminated from DreamHack Las Vegas 6 – 16 by a rampant Natus Vincere.

The Australians posted a respectable 6 rounds on their CT side of Mirage, giving them a chance to take the pistol in the second half and level the scores at  9 – 9. But a dominant Navi team swept the second half, taking all 7 rounds, looking extremely comfortable throughout.

Ustillo was a standout performer and somewhat of a silver lining for Renegades, posting 21 frags and the highest ADR (103.5) for both teams.

But not much can be taken from the game for Renegades fans. Atter, after posting excellent figures against Faze the day before looked lackluster and usually consistent performers in AZR and Jks looked lost and failed to have any sort of an impact.

It seemed the sudden roster change had finally caught up with the Detroit based team with communication and fluidity being poor and their timings being no where near their usually high standards.

Questions must now be asked of Renegades and whether their players are committed to maintaining their all Australian core of 4 for much longer. Teams like Cloud9 and Liquid, who have looked in disarray of late must be probing and asking questions of players like JKS and AZR, who would undoubtedly perform well in either of those teams. Ustillo, who has impressed lately is a style of player that is somewhat lacking in the NA scene; a dominant fragger who can bring a solid, supportive play style to a team.

For Navi, a dominant and classic Natus Vincere performance was very much needed.

They were on a poor run of form and had looked vacant in a 12 – 16 upset loss to MouseSports the day before. Their star players Simpl3 and Flamie were absent and had not had the usual high impact, high fragging performances they were known for, perhaps loosing some of their mojo after a disappointing turn out at the major earlier in the month.

But it may have been a case of wait and see and for Renegades, they can count themselves unlucky, as every Navi player looked back to their best in a simply clinical performance on Mirage.

Although a decent performance and no disrespect to Renegades, Navi are expected to win these games, even during a slump. The real test comes against Faze, who have looked decent and will be looking to perform well against an old rival in Natus Vincere.


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