Faze edge out Renegades 16 – 14 on day 1 of DreamHack Las Vegas

Renegades were unlucky not to pull off a remarkable upset after just falling short in a scrappy, mistake ridden game on Mirage.

Both teams were at part weakened by the presence of a stand in, with JKAEM stepping into the void soon to be filled by recent signing Niko and Atter of Renegades stepping in to replace Rickeh, who had left just days before.

Renegades started on the T side and managed to convincingly win the first pistol round. However, seemingly stunned by a Faze force buy, Renegades dropped the following round.

Without the consolidation of the pistol round, Renegades looked set for a rough t side against the heavily favoured Faze team.

But, an explosive tec-9 force buy caught Faze off guard and after several impressive shots with the run and gun pistol, Renegades made the score 2 – 1 and hauled the economy back in their favour.

Yet, as was the theme for most of the game, Renegades incorrectly cleared ladder room, giving Håvard “Rain” Nygaard an easy two kills on the unsuspecting terrorist side.

The scores were locked at 2 – 2 and it was anyone’s guess at to what we would see next.

Not surprisingly however, Renegades took the 5th round with yet another pistol armour force, giving them the lead at 3 – 2.

Unfortunately for Renegades, Faze were impressive in their gun rounds, dealing with rushes, set pieces and a default Renegades set up very effectively. It was not long before we saw Faze take the first half, securing 9 of the last 10 rounds of the half to make it 4 – 11 at the break.

Renegades needed their CT pistol round if they wanted any chance of mounting a comeback, but not long into the 16th round the situation seemed dire, with Atter stuck in a 2 vs 1 against some of the best pistol players in the world.

Extraordinarily, Atter pulled it back, landing 2 impressive headshots and completing the full defuse to give Renegades a life line and to make the score 5 – 11.

Much was made of Atter’s signing, who had been a free agent following the collapse of a disappointing Qwerty line up.

Concerns were highlighted by the analysts in regards to communication, Spunj pointing out that Australian’s have a unique set of calls, saying that “we call spots the stupidest stuff”.

Atter was holding his ground impressively, clutching another round to continue the Renegades comeback and to level the scores at 12 – 12 going into a crucial gun round.

Atter’s clutch however seemed to be a wake up call for Faze, who had looked sloppy throughout the match, possibly in part due to their stand in JKAEM causing some disharmony among the ranks.  They snapped back into the form that saw them perform so well in the most recent major and managed to clutch out 4 rounds and to take the match 14 – 16.

Renegades fans can be proud of their players after a decent performance that showed character and a high amount of skill against one of the top teams.

Swedish Renegades fans can also be happy with how their man performed, who top fragged and held his own against one of the best teams in the world.

Fans and analysts a like were not expecting much from the Swede, the most likely scenario being him slotting into an easy to fill role on the CT side and possibly providing a frag here or there on the terrorist side.

However, Atter was placed in the connector area; a crucial area on the map. His role was to cut off the rotations of Ts and to keep an eye out for an A split, a quick play up catwalk going into B and to also support his teammates defending A.

Renegades will take on Natus Vincere in the loser bracket, after they lost to MouseSports on Cobblestone.





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