Acer CGPL Autumn 2017 (February 2017)

The Acer CGPL Autumn Tournament kicks off for the month of February with Team Immunity taking on Legacy in a best of 2 series.


Immunity are historically one of the strongest teams in the AU Scene and an impressive run of 7 matches undefeated leaves them as favourites to take the series 2 – 0.

Although the Melbourne based team has been increasingly dominant in recent months, organization veteran and star player James “James” Quinn has been on an uncharacteristically poor run of form recently, dipping below a 1.0 rating for his last few matches.

It would not be a surprise to hear that James has moved from a key fragger of the team and adopted the in-game leading role. Doing so would lean the responsibility of getting impact kills and making key plays onto other members of the team, giving James room to call strats, make crucial mid round calls and handle the finer details of his team’s game.


On the Legacy side of things, their up and down form and general inconsistency continues to be an issue.

Late 2016 saw them pick up an impressive 2 -0 victory over CyberGamer Oceania runners-up Avant Garde, including a 16 – 2 thrashing on Dust 2. The new year did not slow them down and they continued their good run of form, picking up a comprehensive 2 – 0 victory over SYF Gaming.

However, Legacy fans would again be frustrated, as they would then fall to both Immunity and Chiefs in the space of a few weeks.

For Legacy, consistency is the key to joining the likes of Immunity, Avant Garde and Athletico at the top of Australian Counter Strike. The talent on their roster is excellent, some of the best in Australia, but composure and the ability to perform under pressure are equally important; traits that seem some way of for the Legacy roster.

It should be a closely fought game and a great way to officially start what looks to be an exciting year of Australian CS.



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