Renegades fall to Luminosity in ESL Pro League

Overtime was needed to split Renegades and Luminosity after a controversial game finished 19 – 17 in favour of the Brazilians.

LG took an early lead in the match, streaming to a 9-1 lead on the CT side of Cobblestone before Renegades rallied to finish the half at 9-6.

Luminosity fought well after an extraordinary set of circumstances saw their entire team disconnect from the server, giving Renegades a free round and the upper hand leading into the 16th with the scores at 13-12.

Early in the 15th round, AZR took down ShowTime after a successful boost in drop room. Left in a 4 vs 5, the Brazilian team set up for a B push, 3 in plateau and one just outside drop. With grenades in hand, LG were set to execute onto the site, but at that moment, they all froze, stuck in their positions for the remainder of the round before ultimately disconnecting during the after round time.

Upon reconnecting, it showed on the scoreboard that Renegades won the round with all 5 alive and that the LG players all died after the clock had run out. When in fact, they had 4 players alive with full armour, AK-47s and full utility.

This left Luminosity in a position of having to force buy with Tec-9s and light armour, giving Renegades a huge advantage going into the next round.

According to the ESL Pro League rules, if there is a disconnection from a team, leaving the round unplayable,  the team that has the most players alive at the time of disconnection is awarded the round.

In studio analyst Sam “Dazed” Marine questioned the rules and the interpretation by the admins saying the rule is “unfair” and that “the round should be reset, the teams placed in their positions when they disconnected and then played from there”.

The Detroit based team took out the following round convincingly with their entire team surviving, giving them a big advantage with the scores tied at 13-13.

A few closely fought rounds eventually led to a 15-15 scoreline at the end of regulation time, OT was required to settle the game.

The two teams battled it out until LG finally took the game 19-17 after the first overtime period.

Star Renegades rifler Justin ‘jks’ Savage had another fantastic game and finished as the second top fragger in the server with 28 kills and 17 deaths.

MVP of the game has to go to the ever improving Bruno ‘shz’ Martinelli with 29 kills for the match and an impressive 96.5 ADR.


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